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The Short Story:

First: We make Maths EASY!

Second: We make Maths FUN!

Third: We GUARANTEE Maths Results!

Fourth: We do regular testing so parents receive regular feedback!

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First of all - If you would like a clear-cut understanding of where your student's mathematics skills are NOW, please come in for a FREE Maths Assessment and a professional consultation WITHOUT OBLIGATION.

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student and coach at computer, Maths tuition, Gordon NSWWe bring accountability and responsibility into the realm of maths tuition or maths coaching. A student's most valuable asset is their TIME. We ensure that all students receive great value for their time.  In that regard we make certain that each mathematics tutor or maths coach is trained to encourage students and that they help to nurture each student's skill and self-confidence.

' Multi-sensory program helps students to learn using the method best for them.  Our systems provide a mathematics tutor solution on each student's level and the topic needed. For more information about our unique Teaching System, click here.  

Our aim is that every one of our students reaches his or her potential in mathematics.

For  20 years, we have provided students with maths learning centre assistance and also other students' distance learning needs, such as help with school work or strong home schooling assistance. 

Maths skills impact on many subjects, including pure maths, general or business maths and all the sciences.  Better maths skills create that wonderful aura of self confidence in a student and the student's expectation of greater achievement in their studies in general.

We are members of the Australian Tutoring AssociationWe have guaranteed maths results for 18 years!  We realise that it is unusual for an education business to GUARANTEE results; be assured that our teaching methods are unique as well. 

With our help, your student(s) WILL achieve their best maths results ever.  Please contact us Now; it's URGENT.  Click here to eliminate maths headaches forever.

We will start with a Complimentary Mathematics Assessment followed by a detailed Parent Consultation to make certain that your child receives EXACTLY the help that is needed.


mathematics tutor, Gordon, NSW
  • A delicate mix of regular and careful assessments
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Individualised programmes
  • Multi-sensory teaching
  • A vast array of additional computer maths
  • Motivational Support

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  • A Professional Maths Assessment & Consultation